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if you knew more about us
we wouldn't
be so famous for our discretion

SaaS Company

"Not only has Cognis given us clear sight of what we do well, and what we need to improve upon, but it’s now clear to me that our customers both enjoy talking to Cognis and appreciate our efforts to get their feedback and improve." 

One of the things we'll always encourage you to do in sales is use social proof.  Demonstrate your credentials by who you've worked with.  So this is a bit awkward, but we pride ourselves on confidentiality and because we've worked with some large clients, and some of their larger customers, our strict non-disclosure policy prevents us from mentioning the names of the SaaS companies, IT services players, financial institutions, insurance companies, and others we've helped.  Talk to us, and if you really need to know who else we've worked with after that, we'll find a way to make that happen.

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