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Our clients thrive because they focus their resources on what truly matters most to the people and organisations they serve.  We enable our clients to access outside-in perspectives that allow them to focus on creating value.  We help them understand what really moves the dial for a customer and what doesn’t.  We help buyers understand sellers, suppliers understand clients and people understand people.  We create your “understanding super-power” that delivers tangible business results, quickly.


How do we do it?  We provide services that focus on understanding what customers think, feel and believe, and why they make the decisions they do.  We use our unique experience and neutral status to have conversations you simply cannot.  We train your teams in the skills to elicit information, listen, and interpret what they hear - and to create and execute on moments of change.


Why are we different? Because we’ve been there.  We’ve made the mistakes and learned the lessons. We’ve been on both sides of the buying and selling table and experienced the good… and the not so good.  We’ve wondered why some sales people don’t listen, why some buyers wont share vital information, why some managers feel they need to attempt to prove themselves 'the smartest in the room', and why some leaders lose their teams.  We studied human behaviours, learned from experts in their fields and created packaged services that enable you to apply all this knowledge and experience.


And then we proved it. We worked with clients, their teams and their customers. We opened minds and uplifted skills. We created value for all by sharing our passion for listening, questioning and understanding.


So give us a call, we’d love to understand more about what’s important to you.

"Cognis Consulting give us easily consumable insights... This enables us to gain a deeper understanding of what's most important to our customers so that we serve them better...  and helps us hugely in increasing our sales velocity"

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