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How are decisions made?  Via a careful weighing up of the options, and the available information, and then the thorough application of logic?  We'll tell you why, and when, that's not true, and open your minds to the mental shortcuts that we all take - how to be aware of them yourselves, and how to harness them in your favour.

Once you understand how people really think, and how organisations can collectively demonstrate the same behaviours, you can start to structure your techniques to make and capture these moments of change.  We'll help you think about human behavior, about storytelling, about creativity, and about how to make people's instincts work in your favour, or understand where they may be working against you.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The mental shortcuts that we all use, and how to identify and use the core 4 mental shortcuts we all demonstrate.

  • The 6 core principles of creating relationships, and the science that underpins them.

  • How membership of the United Nations can demonstrate how these mental shortcuts change thinking.

  • How to think about triggering change, curiosity, and how this can create 'moments of truth' 

  • What CRM means as a technique, and how it's important to you.

  • How human motivations impact decision making.

  • How to understand latitudes of acceptance, rejection, and non-commitment and shape your messaging accordingly.

  • How to harness creative thinking and storytelling.

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